Why choose oak furniture

Oak furniture is and always will be a cut above the rest. Oak is a very dense hard wood, perfect for making durable and not to mention beautiful pieces of furniture. For hundreds or even thousands of years, master craftsman around the world have chosen oak from which to make their furniture enjoying the versatility and durability it provides. Antique furniture today made of this material fetches a premium, but unlike other types of wood such as pine, buying furniture made from oak should be looked upon as an investment as it will never go out of style and never go out of fashion.

There can be no denying the durability of oak furniture. It ages extremely well and with a little maintenance will stay looking good throughout your lifetime, into your childrens’ lifetime and even further still.

Antiques from hundreds of years ago look just as good today as they always did. The wood doesn’t suffer from the same wear and tear that other woods can do, less likely to split or crack or be simply worn away. It is common for one-off decorative pieces in the home to be made of oak, or pieces of furniture that don’t get used very often. Being free from everyday use of course preserves the wood well however oak does have a place in everyday furniture. It is a versatile wood and works extremely well as cupboards in the kitchen or bathroom, dining room tables, shelves or even as a television stand. Because it is so hard wearing it will withstand the every day use much better than other woods will. For this reason many people are choosing oak as the wood of choice throughout their homes, understanding that it won’t need replacing at a future date.

It is a very textual and tonal wood and for that reason provides plenty of interest in the home. Different tones range from very dark to quite light so any design or colour scheme can be followed. The versatility of this wood is such that all types of house can benefit from it. Oak wood and furniture look every bit at home in very modern, contemporary homes as they do in traditional farmhouses and rustic homes. All types of furniture look that bit better when made from oak too. It is not just for antique dressers or chests of drawers, far from it in fact. How about oak bathroom furniture for that extra special touch? Although bathrooms are rarely considered places for beautiful furniture and stylish designs, in fact this is a room where a lot of time is spent, so why not have it looking its best? You will want to spend even more time in there if it is!

Sitting room furniture such as coffee tables and book shelves work brilliantly in oak. Just one or two pieces made from such a wonderful material enhance the room and mean that little further decoration is required. It truly brings style and elegance into any room without much work. In this respect it is actually extremely good value for money and when you think that it doesn’t need replacing any time soon, that doubles its cost effectiveness again.

Looking after oak is a very simple task. Every now and again a wipe with a soft clean duster is all that is required. Occasionally rubbing it with beeswax is worthwhile too in order to keep it looking its absolute best. Nothing else is required however. Oak furniture is beautiful and timeless. Anything from an oak computer desk to an oak bathroom cabinet will stay looking good and free from wear and tear. When purchasing oak you are really making an investment as it will stay strong and functional for many years to come. Cambridge oak furniture in particular provides that extra bit of style and elegance in the home.

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