White Bedroom Furniture – How To Paint Shabby Chic White Bedroom Furniture

Elegance and beauty start with white. The reason why Shabby Chic decorators choose to paint and decorate with all white and antique white furniture, is because it absolutely goes with everything!! Even if you have small children you can still enjoy the beauty of white. Yes you might need to keep up on your dusting, but your home will remain cheerful, cozy and well worth it. White bed room furniture is very versatile. The other wonderful thing about white bedroom furniture is that you can paint your walls any color.

White does have options….you can either choose a matte finish for your white furniture, a semi-gloss finish or high gloss finish. You can even choose Antique White to paint your furniture. Antique white is a bit of an off white. It mixes very well with other pure white furniture that is in your home. If you have any bleeding through of old oils in your furniture that you sand and refinish, you can use a white primer called Killz….it works wonders while covering any previous paint and wood stains that were on your furniture. You will absolutely love it!

If you choose to decorate your bedroom in shabby chic white furniture, you usually want to use the antique white. To really make your white bed room furniture look stunning you can add Victorian glass knobs that can be found at any hardware store. Many of the shabby chic white bedroom furniture pieces have glass knobs. The glass knobs really stand out beautifully with the antique white furniture as well as with the pure white shabby chic furniture. I just love the glass knobs. The glass knobs add such a feminine look! I have also painted the original knobs of furniture white and sanded them a bit after painting them. It also looks very elegant and fabulous.

You cannot go wrong with white bedroom furniture!

Another option with white furniture is “distressing it”. The way to have the distressed and comfortably warn look in your furniture is when you are done painting it, you take a piece of sand paper and lightly sand the edges and all the corners. It gives the furniture a worn antique look. This look is also called “shabby chic”. It is very popular and the style in itself is very welcoming and comfortable.

White furniture is great because you can blend every piece of miss matched furniture in your home all with one can of paint! Your home can look like a model home with just a little effort and enthusiasm. So get busy, have fun and let the magic of cozy, homey, elegant and fairytale white begin.

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