Top 15 Fathers Day Presents From The Kitchen

Fathers day presents from the kitchen are a great idea for the dad that cooks. Men and women cook differently. Men need gadgets, men like tools, and some of the best new dishes he’ll create may be because of the new device you’ve given him.

Today, I’ll go through my kitchen drawers and share some of the small and large tools and gadgets I can’t live without in my kitchen. It might give you an idea for a fathers day present you never considered.

Starting with the inexpensive and simple:

Fancy Vegetable Peeler – Dad’s is probably dull and worn, time for a new one Rubber Bowl Scrapers – If there’s a chunk missing from the current one, time to switch. Rubber Pastry Brush – for applying butter, sauce, or egg wash. They last a long time. Green Bean Frencher – cuts string beans lengthwise for a new plate appeal Portion Scoops – for better consistent baking and a new visual presentation of rice and starch. Bench Scraper – one of my favorite tools for scraping counters and portioning dough Tongs – are indispensable in the kitchen for stirring, grabbing, and not burning hands Digital Thermometer – THE most important tool for accurate cooking and baking Beak-Nose Paring Knife – an inexpensive, unique knife that helps with close up work Pepper Mill – An attractive pepper mill not only adds flavor, but appeal to the kitchen itself. Salt Dispenser – I like to pinch kosher salt rather than shake iodized. A covered salt dish. Asparagus Steamer – with the insert basket, it can be used for numerous kitchen items. Cast Iron Pan – When cared for properly, it will outlast Dad. It’ll outlast everybody. Chinois – is a very fine mesh strainer used in the commercial kitchen for sauces ManPans Steamer Insert – I use ManPans in my videos because of their construction.

Fathers day presents that enable him to further explore and express his curiosity and love of cooking are the best ways to show that you know what he likes. Even if Dad already has one of the items above, there are now shiny, chrome-plated or rubber handle padded upscale versions of just about every kitchen gadget you can name.

Give him something new, or update the old, fathers day presents from the kitchen are the best. What are you giving your Dad for his special day? Leave your comment below for others to share ideas.

There’s an entire video showing all the fathers day presents listed here.

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