Should You Buy Your Patio Furniture from a Big Box

Youve probably seen patio furniture in big box stores. You know those stores theyre crazy around the holidays. You can buy groceries, electronics and even underwear there!

Typically youll see patio furniture popping up around spring time and going on sale by Labor Day in these types of stores. So should you trust big box retailers for patio furniture?

Thats an easy question to answer.

If youre okay with your patio furniture lasting a season or two, big box stores are great. However, if youre looking for durable, high quality outdoor furniture, youll want to shop elsewhere.

For the best quality, shop at stores that specialize in outdoor living furniture. These types of businesses make their living selling furniture. They strive to carry high quality products because their reputation is at stake.

When you shop at a big box, you sacrifice quality for price. While a low price tag may be appealing. The furniture will not last as long. Youll end up paying more having to replace the furniture.

According to Home Accents Today, durability is one of the top features consumers are looking for when shopping for furniture. If its durability youre looking for, then youre better to go with a real furniture store than a big box.

Some customers think that quality outdoor furniture is out of their price range. This is a big misconception. Just because its well made doesnt necessary mean its overpriced.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, customers should focus on the value not the price tag. As an example, whats the better value a $700 outdoor sofa with free shipping or a $650 sofa with a $75 shipping fee?

The point is to be a smart shopper. Dont be blinded by bright sale signs at big box stores.

So how do you determine if the furniture is the right quality? Follow these tips.
Examine the Materials Used What types of materials are used? Quality furniture is typically made out solid wood or a high-quality grade of metal or glass. Cheap outdoor furniture will typically be made out of particleboard or even a cheap plastic. Never settle for plastic.

Look at the Construction Look at the joints of the furniture as well as stitching. Does the work seem quality? Cheap, inferior outdoor furniture lacks solid construction. This is one reason why it doesnt hold up well in comparison to quality furniture.

Ask About Weather Protection Find out what types of finishes and materials were used to protect against the elements. Big box furniture typically goes with the bare minimum. With quality outdoor furniture from a specialty store, you get better protection against sun fading, rust and warping.

Find Out About the Warranty See if the furniture has a warranty. If it does, see whats covered. Its important to check on warranty details to ensure that your investment is protected.Following these tips will help you find quality outdoor furniture. Remember, its always better to choose quality over price. In the long run, youll save more money and enjoy your furniture longer.

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