Save Your Furniture but Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Is your cat scratching the furniture and climbing the drapes? Have you thought about having kitty declawed? Don’t! Read about declawing and the best option to save your furniture and your drapes.

Quite a few people with indoor cats safeguard their furniture by disfiguring their beloved furry friends. Make no mistake about it, declawing is mutilation. Claws are not like finger nails, a cat’s claws are attached on to the bone. When the claws are eliminated, the final bone and joint in every toe are also removed. When you amputate your cat’s toes, you ruin its agility and balance. You alter the way it walks.

No one wants their furnishings ruined by their cat, but there’s another approach to cope with the issue. Think a minute – why do cats scratch furnishings and climb the curtains in the first place? It’s because cats retain some of the instinctual behaviors they used when they were wild animals. Cats that live outside climb trees and rocks and scratch the bark. That’s natural behavior for a cat. Cats do not claw home furniture because they are nasty, they do it because they are cats.

The most effective way to stop Fluffy or Bosco from ruining your Chippendale is to supply an alternative , a cat tree with an integrated scratching post. A great cat tree is going to be tall and sturdy enough to simulate the experience of climbing a genuine tree. It may possibly have built-in hiding places and absolutely should have a built in scratching section. Sisal rope wrapped around the “trunk” of the structure works very well though other materials also work well.

It’s best to get your kitty used to employing a cat tree and scratching post while it is young. It is much easier to do than to attempt to get an older cat to alter its habits. In any case, offering a normal substitute for scratching and climbing will make both you and him happier. Don’t mutilate your little buddy for for your own convenience.

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