Primitive Decorating Reveals Your Home’s Wild Side

If you’re thinking about doing some interior redecorating using an earthy, primitive aesthetic, there are some general guidelines you can follow to help beautify your home. First, it makes sense to pick a region to focus your decorating on – you don’t want a mishmash of different aesthetics in your home.

Many regular travelers pick a favorite global place they’ve previously visited, and their home’s decor may be centered around a few favorite pieces of art and artifacts they’ve collected from those travels. Photographs also make great decorative ideas. Wooden frames of different widths enhance photos, and easily incorporate into primitive decorating schemes! !

You also might want to pay special attention to the colors in your home. A clever way to balance your color palette is to choose a specific tribal article and reproduce its dominant and secondary colors using paint, fabrics, and other things around your home. The best colors for primitive decorating could include rich organic tones such as browns, auburns, crimsons, and oranges. Minor accent colors would include yellows, pale blues and greens, and bright reds.

After choosing several distinctive items – maybe some lovely fabrics or figures – to build your rooms around, you can choose the rest of the decor. Pay close attention to the textiles since they can truly give the room a primitive feel. Lush, hand-woven floor coverings, throws, and scarves can be used to adorn floors and walls, as well as beds and tables. Look for vibrantly colored organic textiles and materials, or animal skins, if you like.

You also might want to be attentive to the colors in your home. A good way to balance your color palette is to pick a particular tribal object and replicate its major and minor colors using paint, textiles, and other objects around your home. Great colors for primitive decorating might include rich earth tones like browns, auburns, reds, and oranges. Yellows, pale blues and greens, and bright reds can serve as minor accent colors.

Natural woods are also a great choice for primitive decorating. Look for furniture composed of unmilled logs and rich-hued natural wood like redwood, cherry, and maple. Choose tropical woods if they are harvested in environmentally-friendly ways. Hand-carved accents and painted details can also be welcome additions.

If you want to renovate a room using a primitive decorating theme, consider the following guidelines. Build your decor around authentic souvenirs from your favorite vacation destination. Handcrafted rugs, pottery, and sculptures are all excellent choices. If you’re not a traveler, you can purchase authentic tribal objects from specialty retailers. Once you’ve chosen a centerpiece, use it to help select other items. Textiles add warmth to a room and look good not only on furniture, but also on walls and floors.

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