Moroccan Tile For Bathroom And Kitchen Designs

Tile is one of the few areas in interior design where you can afford to be a bit trendier. This is because should you decide to sell, it isnt too difficult for the next owners to replace the tile, especially in a kitchen or bathroom setting. The cabinetry, sink or floors? Thats an entirely new story. That being said, when it comes to trendy tile for your bathroom designs or kitchen designs, you may want to consider using Moroccan inspired patterns or designs.

Moroccan Inspired Tiles: Colors and Patterns

Authentic Moroccan tiles for bathroom designs and kitchen designs, as well as Moroccan-inspired tiles, are all the rage right now in interior design. Thats because when it comes to the bathroom or the kitchen, its no surprise that people are starting to stray away from the what if I sell mentality and leaning more toward the I want to love my space mentality.

That being said, people are becoming more daring when it comes to colors and patterns for these seemingly more permanent spaces.

For colors, dont be afraid to consider bright jewel tones: emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Of course, dont forget the other lesser-thought of jewel tones, either: turquoise, citrine, amethyst, period, garnet, aquamarine and topaz. All of these tones are perfect for the Moroccan inspired look in interior design.

Next, youll want to look at patterns. Moroccan patterns tend to go one of two ways: simple but elegant, with plenty of beautiful curves and lines; or extremely intricate with multiple colors and patterns blended for a beautiful and daring look. Mosaic patterns are a great start.

Location, Location, Location

In the Western world, the amount of color and pattern that truly shows up in Moroccan interior design could shock and overstimulate. That being said, its important to take note of how and where we choose to install these tiles in our bathroom designs and kitchen designs.

For kitchen designs, there are a few routes you could choose. You could easily incorporate an intricate Moroccan accent tile throughout the flooring; or you could opt to use the tile throughout the floor. This same concept can be applied to the backsplash or countertops. However, be wary not to overdo things. You dont want to apply the tile throughout the backsplash, countertops and flooring. Of course, that doesnt mean you cant use accent tiles on all three of these areas. So keep this in mind. Just be cautious when mixing and matching Moroccan tile in your kitchen designs.

Moving to the bathroom, you actually have the same options, plus one more: the shower or bath tub stall. You can opt to add Moroccan inspired tile to your flooring, the backsplash area over your sink and behind the mirror, your bathroom countertops or as mentioned before, the shower or bath tub stall. Again, follow the same rules as with the kitchen: dont over do things, and youll be just fine.

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